Our departments

Academic Department

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Office (SACUOF) has several sections dedicated to academic advising, all of which adhere to the scholarship program rules and regulations established by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education (MOE).When a Saudi scholarship student arrives in Germany (or one of the other countries we supervise) and opens a scholarship file with SACUOF, he or she is assigned an Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor will assist that student throughout the duration of his or her program.

The Academic Advisor will have the additional responsibility of ensuring that the student is fulfilling his or her commitment by studying the appropriate courses and credit hours according to the degree and specialization of the scholarship awarded.

The Medical Training Section

The Medical Section oversees one of the largest scholarship programs for medical students in Germany, the Saudi Postgraduate Medical Program. It is aimed at attracting and assisting Saudi doctors to apply to the various residency and fellowship programs in Germany  to help them gain valuable clinical skills and exposure to outstanding health facilities. The Medical Training Department consists of specialised academic advisors, who are committed to enriching the trainees’ experience and easing the transition to life in Germany by providing the following services: placement support, Medical terminology training, providing assistance with the application for the unlimited licence to practise (Approbation), contracts with German hospitals, academic monitoring and advice, contact with sponsors in Saudi Arabia, and financial management of all training.

The Department of Financial Affairs

The Department of Financial Affairs is responsible for the accounts and expenditures made by SACUOF, and is governed by very strict rules and regulations regarding administration of scholarships and reimbursements. All enquiries in regards to finances must be directed to the Department of Financial Affairs.

The Department of Cultural and Social Affairs

This department is responsible for assisting Saudi clubs in organizing social and cultural gatherings and promoting areas of cultural communication, intellectual and educational exchange between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Germany. It coordinates visits of Saudi Arabian delegations, the preparation and issuance of news releases to Saudi media outlets, and to manage our social media accounts.

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Administration Department

The Administration department ensures smooth communication between our office and the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and provides future scholars in Saudi Arabia with work contracts and tickets.

Authentication Section

As a representative of the Ministry of Higher Education, the Cultural Office of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Berlin authenticates documents for persons planning to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for work or study purposes.

The authentication section of the Cultural Office is responsible not only for documents acquired in German but also in the other countries we supervise:


Electronic Services and IT Department

The Electronic Services Department provides electronic services to enhance the performance and efficiency of SAFEER program and ensures our employees’ workflow by providing all technical support needed.